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Herbicides--70% Metribuzin WP

This product is inner absorption herbicide. It mainly restrains ruderal photosynthesis to make leaves dead. It is mainly used in annual broad leaves for spring bean field.

Registered products in Sword brand:


Prevention objects

Spraying period

Spraying dosage

Spraying method



before seedling

Spring bean 53-76 gram/mu

Spraying on soil surface

Summer bean66-76 gram/mu

Using technique:
1. Please avoid rain or irrigating after spraying pesticides.
2. Planting depth for bean should be 3.5-4 cm at least
3. agile to master dosage according to different situations.
4. Seasonal crop can be used once at most.

1. This product is soil treatment agent.
2. Please choose high dosage when there is high content organic matter in the soil.
3. It is not suitable to use this product in low temperature and rainy years.
4. Should fix sprayer height when spraying.
5. Please make a test before using this product because parts of seeds are sensitive.
6. Using in the first time under the guide of local agriculture technical departments.
7. Please clean equipments after spraying pesticide and deal with waste water well.


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