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Fungicides--25% Tebuconazole SC

Specification: 50g×80 bottles/box; 100g×40 bottles/box; 200g×20 bottles/box

1. Excellent inner absorption.
2. High suspensibility and strong adhesion. It has high action, low dosage and high performance price.
3. Improving quality, less investment and more benefits.

Registered crops in Sword Company:

Suitable crops

Prevention objects


Spray time

Spraying method


Ring spot

2000-4000 times

Original sick period


★ Dosage should be adjusted according to local actual situation.
★ Please consult local plant preservation department for detail usage methods in non-registered other crops.
★ This product should store in dry and ventilated conditions, and can not store or transport with food and feed.
★ This product belongs to low toxic product. Please pay more attention to safety when spraying pesticides.


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