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triazole pesticides

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Pesticides--40% abamectin·Propargite EW

Specification: 200g×20 bottles/box; 500g×20 bottles/box; 1000g×12bottles/box

1. strong contact and stomach poisoning, good fumigation action at above 27℃
2. high activity, long acting
3. high efficiency, broad spectrum
4. no cross resistance
5. environmentally friendly, high adhesion, safe to environment

Registered crops and targets: red spider of orange

Packing: 200, 1000g bottles

Registered crops in Sword Company:


Preventing pests


Spray time

Spraying method


red spider

1500-2000 times

the number of acarids is two to four.

Spraying with water

1. Dosage should be adjusted according to local actual situation.
2. Please wear respirator, gloves and other defence products when using it.
3. Please use soap and great water to wash hands after using it.
4. This product is harmful for fish, bee and silkworm.
5. Pregnant women and lactation women can not use it.


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