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triazole pesticides

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Pesticides--22% chlopyrifos·Lambda-cyhalothrin EW

Specification: 60g×50 bottles/box; 80g×50 bottles/box; 200g×20 bottles/box; 300g×20 bottles/box; 500g×20 bottles/box

It is environmentally friendly and has broad spectrum。
1. strong stomach and contact poison, and fumigation action on pests.
2. no cross resistanc
3. broad spectrum, good effects on insect with sucking mouth part, lepidoptera on cotton, vegetable, fruit tree etc.
4. long acting, low cost

Registered crops and targets: cotton bollworm

Packing: 60, 80, 200, 300, 500g bottle

Registered crops:


Crop Target Dosage Spray time Method
cotton cotton bollworm 45-60ml/mu egg to peak stage spray

◆Use level can be adjusted according to the specific local coditions
◆Toxic to fish, bees, silkworms and birds.


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