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Thionyl chloride

Experimental formula: SO2Cl2

Relative Molecular Mass: 135 

Property:Colorless or light yellow liquid smoke, a pungent odor; melting point is 69.1 ℃, with water biodegradable, soluble in benzene, acetic acid and so on. Room temperature stability, high temperature decomposition, Youguang and catalyst (aluminum chloride, activated carbon, etc.) exists to accelerate the decomposition, with a number of inorganic compounds can react with many organic compounds.


Index name   Top grade   first grade      Qualified product
Boiling range (67.5 ℃ -72℃)%≥  99.0 90.0 85.0
After the distillate %≤ 0.5 0.5 0.5

Use:Mainly used for the chlorination agent or agents Chlorosulfonated, the same as thionyl chloride agent , such as aromatic compounds, carboxylic acids and other organic and inorganic compounds of chlorination, commonly used in medicine, pesticides and dyes, etc.

Packing: 200Kg / steel drum or 25Kg / bottle plus side with a protective material

Specification: 85%, 95%30Kg glass bottle or 200kg drum.


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