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ISO name:Cyproconazole

CAS No.: 113096-99-4

Chemical name:  (2RS, 3RS; 2RS, 3RS) -2 - (4 - chlorophenyl) -3 - cyclopropyl--1 - (1H-1, 2,4 - triazol -1 - yl) D -2 - alcohol

Structural formula:

Physicochemical properties:The product is white powder, melting point 103-105 ℃, boiling point> 250 ℃, vapor pressure 0.0347mPa (20 ℃). Solubility (25 ℃); water 140mg/kg, acetone> 230g/kg, dimethyl sulfoxide Symplocos> 1800g/kg, ethanol> 230g/kg, xylene 120g/kg.Kow819 (± 195) (PH7). Stability: 70 ℃ stable 15d; daylight under the soil surface DT5021D; PH3-9, 50 ℃ stability ; soil adsorption, mandrax by Friedrich K4.1 (loam, PH6.4, organic matter content 2.3%), 16 (sandy soil, PH5.1, organic matter content 3.9%).

Action characters:The product is an azole fungicide of sterol demethylase of inhibitors, have a role in the prevention and treatment of cereal crops (used 80g/ha), coffee (20-50g/ha), sugar beet (40-60g / ha), fruit trees and grape (10g/ha) on Erysiphaceae head, rust eyes, is an crassa, Ceratocystis spp, Septoria case, Black Star spp bacteria are effective. If 40-100g/ha or 0.8-1.5g/hl rust prevention and control of cereal and coffee, cereals, fruit trees and grape powdery mildew, peanuts, sugar beet leaf spot, apple scab and peanut white rot. Mixed with other fungicides can be a good sight to control cereal diseases, leaf spot and net blotch. Combat wheat rust duration for 4-6 weeks, 3-4 weeks to combat powdery mildew.

Specification: ≥95%

Packing: 25kg bag or 40kg drum.


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